We offer our SP-02 cell as a ‘kit’, which includes:

  • The cell body and clamp
  • Glassy carbon working electrode
  • Platinum wire counter-electrode
  • Silver wire pseudo-reference electrode
  • Gas line for supply of inert gas
  • Gas-tight syringe for filling
  • Viton O-rings (Kalrez as a cost option)
  • Tools

The price for the kit is £5000. Our standard design will fit a Pike MIRacle ATR system: please contact us to discuss alternative fitting arrangements.

The base design can also be modified at your option. The body can be supplied with a non-aqueous reference electrode, which is exchangeable with the standard pseudo-reference set up, while platinum and gold working electrodes are available in place of the glassy carbon standard fitting. A two-syringe arrangement is available to allow flushing or mixing of solutions under inert atmosphere. To discuss these or other options please contact us.