SP-02 Cell

Example SEC data collected using SP-02 cellOur recently-developed SP-02 spectroelectrochemical cell is a class leader in infra-red SEC. The SP-02 is designed to mount on commercial ATR solutions, making it possible to introduce IR-SEC at a very low cost.

The SP-02 comprises a PEEK cell unit and electrode fittings, coupled to a stainless steel mounting. This gives the system the high mechanical rigidity necessary to obtain reproducible data for a film thickness of only a few micrometres. The cell assembly is clamped in place using the mounting points of the ATR system it is fitted to: no special modification are necessary.

In our standard configuration, we recommend mounting the SP-02 on a Pike MIRacle ATR system. This ATR system is available for a range of IR systems, and can be configured with a range ATR crystals. The SP-02 can also be fitted to other ATR units: please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.